At The Julia Paige Family Center, we specialize in providing care for female youth. Our referral process has evolved to accommodate a broader range of agencies and individuals, ensuring a thorough and efficient approach for all potential placements.

JPFC has evolved to cater to various needs. Originally working with Children Services and Juvenile Court, we now also collaborate with the OhioRISE program. This expansion allows parents and guardians to seek our services without relinquishing custody, ensuring a broader support network for your child. Please review the process below for more information.


For Non-OhioRISE Affiliations: If you are not working with OhioRISE, please note that JPFC does not accept private placements. Contact your local Job and Family Services, Children Services, Juvenile Court, or OhioRISE CME for guidance.

For OhioRISE Affiliates: We require detailed information to understand your child’s needs better. Please fill out our “Referral Information Questionnaire” and send it to our office.

For Children’s Services or Juvenile Court: Please send any Referral or Pre-Placement documents to Kathryn, who will follow up with you.


  • Confirm the Child’s Gender: JPFC is a program dedicated to female youth.

  • Review the Checklist: Please review the “Checklist for Admission” to the right to confirm you meet all the criteria

  • Provide Your Details: Fill out the “Referral Questionnaire” to the right and email it to Kathryn

What Happens After Submission

Review and Potential Interview – Our administrator will review your submitted information. If the situation aligns with our program’s capabilities, we will contact you to discuss the next steps, which may include scheduling an interview.

Following Up on Your Referral

For Existing Referrals: If you have previously submitted a referral and are seeking an update, please provide the child’s name and referral details. If not sent to Kathryn’s email, please do so for review. Our response time is subject to our availability.

Contact Information

Please Note: If Kathryn is not immediately available, leave your contact details for a callback or email response.

We understand that placing a child in a group home is a significant decision. At JPFC, we are committed to providing clear and compassionate guidance throughout this process. For more detailed information or to begin the placement process, please reach out to our office.