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JPFC currently has three facilities that provide care for up to 26 females ages 6-17, and 18 to under 21, with mental/physical handicaps, who have been traumatized by the effects of neglect, abuse or both, who cannot maintain in their home and/or community.
Our professionally trained staff provide 24-hour supervision in a structured, goal-oriented, home-setting for delinquent and dependent girls.
JPFC’s programs are designed to educate, involve and improve each girls’ ability to achieve success as they face a variety of challenges while growing and developing into young adulthood.


JPFC partners with Southeastern Ohio Counseling Center (SOCC) to provide on-site therapy. Our therapy team consists of 2 full-time licensed Therapists, and 3 Case Managers.
JPFC staff work closely with our therapy team to develop creative, individualized treatment plans for each resident based on her assessment, level of functioning and needs.