• We are dedicated to ensuring an environment where girls can develop, practice and improve their Integrity,

  • Motivation, Respectfulness, Accountability, and Responsibility with Excellence;

  • In an extended family setting. Concentrating on preventing the past from dictating the future!



What population does The Julia Paige Family Center serve?2020-08-05T08:30:02-04:00

Females ages 6-17 and 18 to under 21, with mental/physical handicaps, who have been traumatized by effects of neglect, abuse or both.

Who can refer a potential placement?2020-08-05T08:30:02-04:00

Potential residents can be referred to us by their Legal Guardian, whether that is the parents, a Children Services agency, or a Juvenile Court.

How restrictive is The Julia Paige Family Center?2020-08-05T08:30:02-04:00

We are able to fit the needs of the residents we have at any given time. We are able to give a foster home feel, with the structure of a group home, yet have the option to become more restrictive, if necessary. Both homes have multiple areas where the residents can be split into groups, if needed.

When can I contact my child/youth?2020-08-05T08:30:02-04:00

Phone calls happen every Monday-Thursday. Generally, our phone calls occur between the hours of 5 and 8. Fridays are for Green Levels to have extra phones calls as a reward. Phone Call times do change at times, to accommodate outings and activities.

How do I set up a visit/overnight with my child/youth?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

If your child has been placed by children services, please reach out to their County Caseworker. Once visits/overnights are approved, we can begin to set those up.

Do residents earn an allowance?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

Residents earn weekly points, those points are averaged out for the week, and the top winners earn some spending money.

Do residents have the opportunity to have a job?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

Yes. Residents who have proven they are ready to hold a job, are given the opportunity to job search. 

What is “The Level System?”2022-02-02T19:18:25-05:00

The Julia Paige Family Center uses a Level System (Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple) to reward residents for good behaviors and attitudes, as well as give consequences for negative behaviors. “Yellow” can be attached to any level, if a youth is needing close observation due to self-harming behaviors. Weekly, a Level Committee consisting of direct care staff, therapists, and administrators, get together to discuss each resident’s week and how they have been doing. Residents fill out an application to “Level Up” if they feel they have progressed on their current level.

Are residents allowed to have cell phones?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

Cell phone usage and privileges are dependent on the resident’s behavior, attitude, and level.

How are bedrooms set up?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

Bedrooms are set up dependent upon the needs of the child. If there are specific needs for a child to have their own room, we are able to accommodate. Bedrooms have a max of 4 residents.

What is the average length of stay?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

Truthfully, it depends on the child and what she needs. Overall, a general stay is 9-12 months. We have had short stays, as well as residents who have stayed with us for over 2 years.

What is The Julia Paige Family Center’s staff to resident ratio?2020-08-05T08:30:03-04:00

1:6 during waking hours, 1:10 during sleeping hours.

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